Definitions for "Radiant Heat"
Keywords:  subfloor, coils, steam, ceiling, heat
see Radiant heating.
Coils of electricity, hot water or steam pipes embedded in floors, ceilings, or walls to heat rooms.
Radiant heat refers to a heating system that raises the temperature of a floor or wall surface. Radiant heat in the floor creates a macro climate of dry air that can put undo stress on a wood floor if not properly designed and regulated. Engineered flooring is routinely warranteed for radiant heat as long as correct installation procedures are followed, the temperature of the water does not exceed 89 degrees F, and the surface temperature of the wood flooring does not exceed 80 degrees F. Solid wood flooring over radiant heat is endorsed by the National Wood Flooring Association only with a specially prepared floating subfloor system involving two layers of 1/2” plywood.