Definitions for "Stateless"
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Stateless (1978) is an album by Lene Lovich first issued in the UK by Stiff Records. It was her first full-length album release, featuring her breakthrough single "Lucky Number".
Stateless is a 2002 album on which the bands Unwed Sailor and Early Day Miners collaborated to create a soundtrack for filmmaker Chris Bennett's film of the same name. The film is included on the Enhanced CD with the entire album playing seamlessly as its soundtrack. The film features around 30 minutes of footage that Bennett shot on Super 8 film during his various travels.
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Without state or pomp.
a property of the Web's Hypertext 'transport Protocol (HTTP) referring to the fact that every request made by a Web browser for a particular Web document opens a new connection on a Web server that is immediately closed after the document is returned. This means that the server cannot maintain state information about successive requests from the same browser.
Describes the mode in which the web operates. A browser makes a request for data, the server responds and the conversation is complete. The next time the browser makes a request, the server has no way of recognizing it as the same browser.
As related to servers, not involving the update of a server-side database based on a client request. As related to the handling of files, the content of the file is not modified or noticed. For Web servers, a stateless client request, which members of a Network Load Balancing cluster can process, is one that returns a static Web page to the client.
without nationality or citizenship; "stateless persons"
Having no nationality.
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The property of a design element that allows a client to use any of its operations without regard to the element's history. A stateless element may use information that is accessible globally and may even change that global information (that is, it may have side effects) but holds no private state that affects its behavior.
The property of an object such that it contains no information that needs to be preserved across method calls.
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