Definitions for "case in point"
a company called Mercora, run by former McAfee CEO Srivats Sampath
a former colleague tying the knot this month
a friend of mine in Pennsylvania
a column in the New York Times by Robert Reich, who was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration
a measure that was vetoed last year by President Clinton
a poem like 'Point Shirley,' an elegy for the poet's dead grandmother heavily influenced by Robert Lowell's early style
a national conference, held in early April, attended by leading Iraqi women on the future of their country
a new variety of golf course grass
a Nissan Motors blog designed to blatantly sell a new city car called Tiida
Keywords:  iowa, morning, story, comment, emporium
a comment by Iowa Republican Rep
a disturbing comment made by yourself, Mr
a missive I received this morning from a so-called financial "newsletter" publisher
Keywords:  abstinence, waifs, connolly, ceci, aclu
a band mentioned previously on this website, The Waifs
a Ceci Connolly article in today's Washington Post on the spread of abstinence education
a complaint the ACLU had against the Louisiana State website that promoted sexual abstinence before marriage
a death certificate, which is likely to be more accurate than an article in the paper covering the death, or a note in the family bible covering the death
a fairly bizarre article by Martin Samuel in the Times
a logo developed for Portland law firm Samuels Yoelin Kantor Seymour and Spinrad
a circus elephant
an instance where two elephants were poached in the forests of north Kanara, a region that was not previously on the poaching map
Keywords:  peter, seebach, wales, undertaken, guy
a collection entitled 'Genetic and Population Studies in Wales', edited by Peter S
a guy named Peter Seebach
a series of studies to be undertaken by the National Board on computer-based and computer-adaptive tests
a de-emphasis on experimental designs (emphasized by the empiricist tradition) with increasing emphasis on collaborative, participative techniques , which are now advocated by the post-empiricist, New Paradigm research
a new device that promises to render obsolete a standard device used in virtually every high school, industrial and university chemistry laboratory in the world
a new soybean developed by the soybean biotechnology team at the University of Nebraska
a brief aside in the new book Naked Economics , where the author likens a file sharer to a person who would show up with a combine at another man's carefully cultivated corn field and proceed to steal the entire crop
a new deep water offshore production project off the West African coast
a new field near Sakhalin, a remote island off Russia's east coast
Keywords:  hope, perdue, lowliest, ithaca, calves
a bill proposed in the New Jersey Assembly to give a break to veal calves, the lowliest of all farm animals raised for the least essential of all our meats
a HOPE scholarship proposal pushed by Perdue and defeated by Democrats
a proposal recently discussed in Ithaca, N
a post prepared by Jim Culver for another list service that detailed his analysis of Renewing Worship
a Tom Maguire post about Krugman's latest column that Glenn Reynolds approvingly linked to today
Keywords:  doct, honorary
an honorary doct
a charming and spacious Georgian-fronted farmhouse, about a mile from South Molton
a rugged little crease in the south flank of the Laguna Mountains called Kitchen Creek Falls
a series of monographs by Jacobo Schifter, PhD, on gay and transgender life in Costa Rica
a fish I am very familiar with, the bluehead shiner - Pteronotropis hubbsi
a circular issued by the cabinet division asking state functionaries, including members of parliament, not to directly contact Indian diplomats
a Wilmette yoga instructor we'll call Joan, who asked that we not use her real name
a kind of a set phrase or fossil phrase that's usually only used that way
an event in Church history when a prominent palaeontologist through his study of fossils found on the American continent, supported statements made in the Book of Mormon that were disputed by some non-members
an interview with current church prophet, Gordon B
Keywords:  pilot, aaqua, kharagpur, iit, project
a pilot project being carried out at IIT Kharagpur
a pilot project scheme called aAQUA, acronym for Almost All Questions Answered
a disorder characterized by yellow and sometimes almost white color of young macadamia leaves due to the inefficient use of iron (Fe) by the plant (see picture)
a famous picture of a young boy cowering behind his father in the midst of a gun battle
a picture, in the sense of a depiction
a decision on many minds at this time of year, that of how much to spend on a wristwatch
a history writer a couple of years back (Stephen Ambrose) rewrote several passages from another book
a test ride I experienced several years ago
a civil lawsuit in federal court in Oakland that involves the country's largest defense firm
an intruder winning a lawsuit because he broke his legs while falling through the house roof on an attempted burglary
a bill being discussed in Congress to fight illegal immigration by denying birthright citizenship to children born in America to illegal immigrant parents
an immigration bill sponsored by Edward M
a provision in an intelligence reform bill that passed the Senate last week
Keywords:  multilayered, feb
a multilayered Feb
an example we found in our review of premium-class travel
a situation currently under review in Man-O-War Cay with respect to the collection of garbage
a threat matrix many of you have seen that was prepared by the senior Pentagon leadership to guide this year's Quadrennial Review, and it describes essentially four generic threats that we have to prepare for in the future
Keywords:  kathy, essay
an essay by Kathy E
a format we recently introduced on a Thursday night for women called "Woman Space"
a measure introduced last year by state Sen
a tokenizing transducer that introduces token boundaries and eliminates unwanted whitespace
a common condition of unknown cause that affects the joints, eyes, urethra and skin and known as Reiter's syndrome
a six-year-old girl, who has been diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome
an online program that Maynard, Massachusetts-based SalesDriver developed for V-Span, a Philadelphia-based conferencing network services provider
Keywords:  town, arcadia, hewlett, packard, maker
a leading computer-maker Hewlett-Packard
an obscure provision giving special treatment to a furniture maker in the little town of Arcadia
a recycler who has come into one of our towns
an apartment where a small Louis XV room opens on a narrow hall of nondescript modern style, with a wide archway opening into a Mission dining-room
a painting that now stands on an easel in her apartment
Keywords:  sosa, sammy, cubs, controversy, chicago
a thread I started including the text a letter I had published in the local paper about the controversy surrounding Chicago Cubs player Sammy Sosa
a percussion solo that originated in a vintage James Brown song titled ''Funky Drummer
a gentleman from across the Atlantic who is one of the most artful and sought-after spankers on IRC
a three-on-three basketball tournament
a tournament with rebuys
a new form Service Corporation International (SCI) has come up with to hold their cemeteries harmless in case of law suits for injuries suffered by families (via falls, etc)at their cemeteries
a student with whom we have worked for a long time who falls within this plateauing range
Keywords:  textedit, scrollbar, vertical
a TextEdit which has a vertical scrollbar
a micro station called Beat Radio in Minneapolis
an axle-carrier, which holds a bearing for the rear axle of a radio-controlled car
a really great stereo system that gets lousy radio reception
an event that happened in Ghana about the time the Tema Harbour was being constructed
an auction company that has gotten a patent on its method of collating data and arriving at bids
a well-publicized day-long service outage suffered by an online auction site
a decision by DNR wildlife managers to remove trees from on or near grasslands on certain Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)
Keywords:  bbc, slamming, complete
a complete slamming of The BBC
Keywords:  wyo, cheyenne, jury, june, trial
a June trial in which a jury in Cheyenne, Wyo
Keywords:  arbor, ecology, ann, michigan, center
a report recently issued by an organization called the Ecology Center, in Ann Arbor, Michigan
a time when Socrates was the rightful dissenter in a case which saw six men executed, and the majority wanted to prosecute him
Keywords:  allegedly, fake, leaflet, printed
a fake leaflet allegedly printed by the U
Keywords:  tale, drawn
a drawn out tale of S
Keywords:  amputation, sour, ulcer, youth, love
a patient who had a painful ulcer on his foot prior to amputation
a provision of the regulations, which permits a nursing facility resident to state, in writing, his/her intent to return home, thereby protecting their assets from being liquidated and used for his care during his/her lifetime
a youth who ended his life after his love affair with a girl turned sour
a forestry and timber show in China, where the market is not yet up to numerically controlled sawmills
Keywords:  sukhna, gallons, tap, lake, never
a water tap at the regulator end of Sukhna Lake which never stops, thus wasting hundreds of gallons of water
a map that Japan submitted to the International Hydrographic Organization for its planned maritime surveys
a standard European Chess set and a Japanese Shogi set
an approach adopted for Habib Bank
a "structured" approach to crime analysis
a ballpoint pen part that used to be produced in a machining cell at RM Precision
Keywords:  icg, beef, emerge, old, interactive
a two-year-old ICG partner company called eMerge Interactive, which is in the beef-production industry
Keywords:  mnc, india, global, presence, strong
a global MNC with a strong presence in India
Keywords:  heap, quick, sort, comparison
a comparison of heap sort and quick sort
Keywords:  laptop, great
a great laptop I used to have
Keywords:  receptionist, mail, mass, know, copy
a copy of an e-mail Mr
a receptionist I know who does mass mailings
Keywords:  william, grant
a grant from William R
Keywords:  magnesium, deficiency
a deficiency in magnesium
Keywords:  miniature, british, library
a miniature in British Library Ms
a list of expenditure possibilities in California that elicit consideration for large contributions
Keywords:  applet, simple
a simple applet
a section that deals with the encroachment of private interests into education
an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
a major metal parts manufacturer
an automobile manufacturer that relies on a large number of parts manufacturers
Keywords:  career, discovered, pre, path, firm
a pre-law student who discovered that law is the right career path for her, if she works in a corporate environment, not in private practice with a small law firm
Keywords:  wheat, daily, fold, small, scale
a group of small-scale wheat producers
a small, below the fold piece, from the business section of the daily paper
Keywords:  newspaper, council, city, local, cover
a City Council that I cover for a local newspaper
Keywords:  editor, buffer, opened, file
an editor that has a buffer opened on a file
Keywords:  terminology, shift, takes, place, time
a shift in terminology which takes place at this time
Keywords:  dispute, claim, loss, typical, over
a typical dispute over the amount of an insurance claim resulting from the loss of property
Keywords:  desire, human, digital, object, locate
a human desire to locate the digital object
Keywords:  combined, life, owned, work, company
an insurance company for which I used to work- Combined Life Insurance Company- owned by W