Definitions for "Although this"
a terrible disease, Kofi Annan should be targeting those corrupt African Leaders and politicians to be doing something about it
Keywords:  scrooge, walker, reconnect, fare, story
a familiar modernization of the Scrooge story, what really raises it far above the typical TV fare is Ally Walker's frequently touching performance
a very painful time in our American Story, I believe there are some wonderful lessons to be learned by all of us as we reconnect with our children
Keywords:  kava, lounge, muddy, restaurant, mis
a review for "Kava Lounge at Muddy Waters", it is mis-leading to say "this restaurant" is closed
Keywords:  sequel, fifth, child, lessing
a sequel to Lessing's The Fifth Child, it is
Keywords:  didn't, coaching, advice, book, focused
a book focused on coaching for professionals, anyone can benefit from its common sense advice
a large book, it didn't have the type of information I wanted
a new building, it's tucked carefully onto a corner in an established neighborhood
a UK based site, information pertinent to South Africa can also be found here in areas such as food safety, farming, animal welfare and the environment
Keywords:  favorites, movie, good, it, one
a good movie, it's not one of my favorites