Definitions for "Dogging"
couples who make a sex in their car during others people watch supervise from outside.
(American term) Dogging means watching people engaged in sexual activity in a parked vehicle. In Quebec, this is considered voyeurism. Those inclined to participating in this deliberate sexual activity are called exhibitionists while those watching are voyeurs. In big cities, there are specific locations where these acts take place. In Quebec, this activity is often practiced in drive-ins. In Montreal, there are two well-known places where this is practiced on hot summer nights. One is in the Beaver Lake parking lot of Mont-Royal Park and the other is in the parking lot of the Botanical Gardens at Maisonneuve Park. There is a real complicity, though not a word is spoken, between the exhibitionist couples and the voyeurs who come to masturbate near the cars. Dogging does have rules. It is not acceptable for a voyeur to try and touch one of the people in the act. Inappropriate noises are also prohibited.
unprotected sex with strangers in public places (eg. car parks, country parks)
relentless and indefatigable in pursuit or as if in pursuit; "impossible to escape the dogging fears"
Climbing a Route by any means eg resting, pulling on Quickdraws etc.
Trying and failing repeatedly on a route, and using the gear that has been put in to pull oneself up to a previous high point. Can also mean any repeated attempt to get up a route which involves a great deal of hanging off the gear without returning to the ground (the latter being yo-yoing).
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Having sex in public places, particularly if the onlookers applaud.
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Putting in minimal effort.