Definitions for "Faded"
That has lost freshness, color, or brightness; grown dim.
A wine tasting term for a wine that has lost all or much of its flavor and aromas over time.
having lost freshness or brilliance of color; "sun-bleached deck chairs"; "faded jeans"; "a very pale washed-out blue"; "washy colors"
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"Faded" is the second CD single release by the Australian Idol 3 winner Kate De Araugo, from her debut album A Place I've Never Been. "Faded" was written by the Australian pop rock duo The Veronicas.
oxidation on the nose, it is noticeable in acetaldehyde. More or less the same as the French evente. Over the hill is a poetic further stage.
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To be high on Marijuana
reduced in strength; "the faded tones of an old recording"
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When the center bet is covered by the other players.