Definitions for "Palmette"
Keywords:  stylized, ornament, motif, leaf, fan
A floral ornament, common in Greek and other ancient architecture; -- often called the honeysuckle ornament.
a Greek-derived, fan-shaped ornament composed of narrow divisions like a palm leaf.
A stylized palm-leaf motif, often used to decorate Oriental carpets and furniture.
Lotus flower found in curvilinear and geometric rugs thought to represent the opium poppy.
A flower head of heart-shape with many radiating lobes or petals. Pasyryk Rug: This rug was discovered in 1949, preserved in ice in a tumulus in the Altai mountains, in Central Asia. It is the only rug from the Achaemenid period known and preserved up to the present day. Most experts give Persia attribution for this piece even though it was found in a Scythian burial-mound. Its design is in the same style ad the sculptures of Persepolis, particularly regarding the details of the double border decorated along the outside with horses and riders, twenty-eight in number, a figure which corresponds with the number of males who carried the throne of Xerxes to Persepolis. illustration: detail of border from Pasyryk rug Picture Rug: Figurative rug design portraying historical, allegoric or legendary scenes.
similar to espalier training. Where trees are grown and trained flatly against walls, for instance, with horizontally grown branches.