Definitions for "rpl "
Request Parameter List. An area in main storage which describes a request for services to VSAM.
Request Parameter List. A VTAM control block that contains parameters necessary for processing a request (data transfer, connecting or disconnecting a terminal, etc). Relocatable Program Library. A data set used to store CICS application programs, which are fetched (loaded) at execution time.
Remote Program Load. Starting a computer and loading the operating system into memory when the operating system software is provided by a server on the network.
Reemployment Priority List. A list of employees within the local commuting area who have been separated from your agency due to reduction in force (RIF) or work-related injury. If an employee on the RPL is qualified for a vacancy that exists within his or her local commuting area, you must (with few exceptions) select that employee before hiring anyone from outside the agency. See 5 CFR Part 330.
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The RPL programming language (RPL meaning Reverse Polish LISP or, alternatively, ROM-based procedural language) is a handheld calculator system and application programming language used on Hewlett-Packard's engineering graphing RPN calculators of the HP-28, HP-48, and HP-49 series.
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Recognition of Prior Learning
See Recognition.
rpl is a Unix text replacement utility. It will replace strings with new strings in multiple text files. It can scan directories recursively and replace strings in all files found. The search can be limited to files with certain filename suffixes . It includes source, a build script, and a man page. It should work on most flavors of Unix.
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.
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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.
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Return path laser. Sends data "upstream" or back to the "head end."