Definitions for "TVA"
Tennessee Valley Authority. TVA is a wholly owned corporation of the U.S. government that was established in 1933. TVA is currently authorized to obtain advances from the Treasury. TVA's are neither obligations of nor guaranteed by the U.S. and are rated AAA. They are exempt from State and Local taxes.
TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY. A government-sponsored agency whose bonds are redeemable from the proceeds of the various power projects in the Tennessee River area. Interest payments on these bonds are fully taxable to investors.
See Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
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Stands for Time Variant Ampliflier. It is a ampliflier that can change over time. It is used by Roland in the same way others use an VCA (See VCA) to control a synth's output with an envelope. Roland calls it this because there are four levels/four times in their envelope generator instead of an ADSR. Also see envelope generator.
See Time Variant Amplifier.
Transient visual adaptation. The process in which the (driver's) eye fixates upon roadway locations or surrounding environments at different luminance levels, continuously adapting to higher and lower levels; this process temporarily reduces contrast sensitivity.
Temporary Voluntary Allowance. A price discount instituted voluntarily by a supplier, usually in recognition of competitive factors.
A contract between a carrier and shipper that usually specifies the movement of a certain number of containers over a period of time, usually 12 months.
TVA is a Canadian French language privately owned television network.