Definitions for "ABG"
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Arterial blood gas A test which analyses arterial blood for oxygen, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate content in addition to blood pH. Used to test the effectiveness of respiration.
Arterial blood gases. A test where blood is drawn and measured for oxygen content. The ABG tells the physician whether or not the patient is getting enough oxygen into the bloodstream. An ABG is frequently used for cases of asthma, COPD, or chest trauma.
Arterial, blood gases. Blood taken from the artery to measure oxygen absorbed in the body.
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Association Bernard-Gregory
Aerobic Bacteria Generator. A device that inserts into a septic tank or waste impoundment that grows species of bacteria that can survive in the drain field and reduce biomat clogging.
Adjustable Banded Gastroplasty.
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The newsgroup. A place to find (mostly) IBM-PC compatible games, usually ripped..
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Air Base Group (USAF)