Definitions for "Access panel"
Removable or swinging panel, usually flush with adjoining surface, that provides access to concealed equipment or system components for inspection, maintenance, and repair.
Removeable panel or section of an exhibit which permits access to lamps, projector mechanisms, ect.
Removable panel or section of exhibit to permit access to lamps, projectors, mechanisms, etc.
An opening in a ceiling for access to tension adjusting wheel and to drive mechanism (motor, crank, chain hoist). Furnished by the ceiling or General Contractor.
An opening in the wall or ceiling near the fixture that allows access for servicing the plumbing/electrical system.
Covered opening in a wall or ceiling near a fixture that allows access for servicing a plumbing or electric system.
a previously recruited pool of people who have agreed to take part in surveys by filling in a background questionnaire
a representative group of respondents who have been pre-recruited and who agree to take part in research
Households recruited by a research company which agree to take part in research several times a year.
allows additional audio, video and computer sources to be input to the system.