Definitions for "beth"
Keywords:  hebrew, bey't, bayith, yodh, bey'th
the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Beth is a Hebrew combining form meaning "house of." It is the construct form of the Hebrew noun bayith meaning "house." Both forms are spelled with the same consonants (בית b-y-t beth, yodh, taw, read right-to-left) but with different vowels, so "beth" is more accurately transliterated bey'th or bey't.
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Beth, my amazing little sister, along with Alex and Anna makes me laugh harder than anyone I know
"Beth" is a song by Kiss that was originally released on their 1976 album, Destroyer. To date, it is their highest-charting single, reaching #7 on Billboard's American charts and attaining gold status. It would be their first, and ultimately final Top Ten single until "Forever" in 1990, which hit #8.
an Adoptive Family Caseworker and Birth Family Counselor at Hope's Promise
an asset to any pre-school and elementary school classroom
an all breed professional handler, who specializes in coated breeds
an initiator who channels her energy toward a specific goal