Definitions for "Genetics"
The biology of heredity and variation.
Study of hereditary factors affecting development. (40)
Study of inherited variation.
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See Human Genetics
But for the most part genetics, especially human genetics, is more complicated. (IOCeleraGenome) Genética Isso também se reflete na genética, porque quando você procura por uma mutação que tem efeitos maiores no fenótipo da minhoca, eles tendem... (POFapesp2)
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Polymorphism Vitro
This folder contains databases that were used several years ago by another coursemaster of the Genetics course. The current Genetics materials are available under the curric folder.
Genetic testing is available for people with evidence of a strong family history of cancer. It is available in the area of bowel, breast, ovarian and melanoma.
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Diagnosis and treatment of birth defects and genetic diseases.
A specialty focusing on the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with genetic-linked diseases.
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pertaining to genes and reproduction
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