Definitions for "OILING"
Oiling is a process of applying mineral oil to a stone, and is used to mask inclusions or enhance the color of a stone. Emeralds, although very valuable are typically infused with inclusions. Emeralds are typically oiled to improve quality.
This technique is commonly used on emeralds. The purpose of this technique is for the oil to fill the fine cracks that weaken the green color. The oil fills the cracks making them "disappear" and thereby improving the color.
Oiling is used to seal a stone such as opal from water loss. It is used to fill fissures on the surface of emeralds, improving their clarity.
Applying several applications of linseed oil to finish woods with good natural color (i.e. walnut and mahogany).
see finish oil.
Process of applying several layers of refined linseed oil to finished natural woods of good color such as walnut and mahogany.
The coating of steel with oil as a temporary rust preventative.