Definitions for "Turmeric"
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An East Indian plant of the genus Curcuma, of the Ginger family.
The root or rootstock of the Curcuma longa. It is externally grayish, but internally of a deep, lively yellow or saffron color, and has a slight aromatic smell, and a bitterish, slightly acrid taste. It is used for a dye, a medicine, a condiment, and a chemical test.
An anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant. Important aid in helping to prevent and dissolve gallstones. Promtes digestion and assimilation and enhances blood circulation.
Powder which has medical abilities used in cooking and bathing
An herb with a golden color and a slightly musky aroma. Used as a colorant in for A Bundle Of Myrrh Peace Bath Bar.
Its large leaves are sometimes simmered in Malaysian Nyonya cooking. In Thailand the young tender shoots are boiled and used as a vegetable... [ Read More
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Turmeric is a quadruple CD + mini-CD release by Merzbow.
Of or pertaining to turmeric; resembling, or obtained from, turmeric; specif., designating an acid obtained by the oxidation of turmerol.