Definitions for "Account code"
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The three-character alpha/numeric code assigned by the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to identify each account. Refer to ACCOUNT.
The 8-character code that defines an account on O'Neil.
A code used to group specific types of transactions, e.g. 'transport' or 'salaries'. Also known as Nominal Code.
The first "A" in "FOAPAL" that describes the nature of expenditures and revenue in the Operating Ledger, as well as assets and liabilities in the General Ledger.
a six-digit number used to classify transactions in IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System)
Numerical designation assigned to each account for the purpose of segregating status of stock by broad purposes or intended use.... read full article
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Analog phone
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Used in a multi-line office to determine individual employee long distance use & charges.
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Approval authority