Definitions for "HPS"
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Acute respiratory disease caused by newly discovered strains of the hantavirus. Source: Medscape - 7/03/97.
See hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
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Shortened version of High Priestess. The Female leader of a Coven.
High Priestess (a Wiccan/Pagan term not frequently used on this list)
High Productivity System. Client/server CASE 1 development environment developed by Seer Technologies and marketed by IBM to selected clients, mainly in the financial sector. HPS provides an environment for the development of cooperative applications. Includes facilities for data modeling, code generation, testing, code distribution, and software maintenance. Withdrawn July 1996.
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Honeywell Process Solutions
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human-driven submarine.
Heart Protection Study; largest ever primary prevention study using simvastatin.
Historic Price Service. An internet and telephone enquiry service for historic share price information.
Head Protection System
Health Protection Scotland
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Housing Priority System
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Hit Points.