Definitions for "Philo"
Greek-speaking Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt from approximately 30 BCE to 45 CE. He composed many literary and philosophical works, perhaps even one entirely on the Essenes (see On the Contemplative Life 1), but of his surviving works, those that mention the Essenes include That Every Good Person is Free 75-91 and Hypothetica 11.1-18 ( apud Eusebius, Praeparatio evangelica 8.11.1-18).
Jewish philosopher from Alexandria.
Started the Alexandrian school in Alexandria Egypt. Clement and Origen came from this school.
Philo is a professional philosophy journal published by the Society of Humanist Philosophers. Issued biannually at the "Center for Inquiry", the journal is devoted to criticisms of theism and defenses or developments of naturalism. Its current editor is Quentin Smith.