Definitions for "Absolute Path"
The complete pathname to a file starting at the root directory /.
path} relative to the { root directory}. Its first character must be the {pathname separator = "\"}. The complete description of the location of a file or folder beginning at the root directory of the drive. Example: C:\windows\temp\somefile.txt would describe the absolute path to the file somefile.txt. An absolute path always begins at the root directory of the logged drive.
a path from the root of the tree to a specified location
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An external link that references a link on a web page outside the current web site and includes the full URL (address) starting with “http”. Alternate Text – Descriptive text that can be set to display in place of an image while the image is downloading or when the user places the mouse pointer over the image.  The technique of adding “alt tags” to images is very effective for creating accessible web pages. Anti-alias – A technique of smoothing the edges of curved or diagonal lines so that they do not appear jagged.