Definitions for "Accepted Answer This"
a common problem between Word and Dreamweaver
a problem inherent with most floating-point representations, in MySQL and elsewhere
a problem with postfix
a long shot but try it anyways to see if ur smtpserver is not screwedup
Keywords:  saga, bothered, never, think, netscape
a never ending saga
an IE only solution (I think, never even bothered testing in Netscape)
Keywords:  sasser, worm, new, internet
a new internet Worm (Sasser
Keywords:  thing, fairly, pretty, common, cgi
a browser issue, and you really don't have much control over these things
a common error message
a fairly common situation, you need to get and hold the new pk value so you can use it in both second inserts
Keywords:  basic, info, ftp, article, get
a good article on the basics of FTP
a page that i have used to get some basic info
Keywords:  bug, updates, office, one
a bug with one of MS OFfice Updates
Keywords:  bad, supply, power
a bad power supply
Keywords:  modify, need, code, per, working
a working program, modify the code as per your need