Definitions for "account balance"
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The total value of funds in a customer's TradeSports account. The figure reflects all monies deposited and withdrawn, variation margin accumulated on open positions, profit and loss on closed and expired positions and exchange fees/charges. It is comprised of available funds and frozen funds.
The difference between the total debit and credit amounts in an account. If total debits exceed total credits the account has a debit balance, but if credits exceed debits it has a credit balance.
The total funds that are currently in your account. Note that this does not reflect any money that is at risk in unsettled bets.
The total of all deposits, interest income and Realized Gains, less all withdrawals, Realized Losses and incidental fees that are available for withdrawal.
The balance of one's current account inside a program (HYIP or other). These funds can be used to withdraw or to invest into program's Investment Plans.
Same as balance.
The amount of money in an account. An account statement will be able to provide...
The amount of money or debt in an account.
The dollar value of your account.
In Account Summary, the value of the assets in the account on the specified "as of date." This value may be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge.
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