Definitions for "Cirrhosis"
A disease of the liver in which it usually becomes smaller in size and more dense and fibrous in consistence; hence sometimes applied to similar changes in other organs, caused by increase in the fibrous framework and decrease in the proper substance of the organ.
Liver disease at an advanced stage with widespread damage to the cells of the liver such that there is loss of liver function and interference with blood flow in the liver.
Scarring; hardening of the liver.
Lesion Sulfur
Isotonic Selenium
Lymphadenectomy Selenium
Lupus Synovitis
Lupus Skeletal
Jaundice Skeletal
Meningitis Transfusion
Meningitis Thrombocytopenia
Malignant Suppuration
Malignancy Sinusitis
Malignant Serous
Keywords:  serum, ischemia, mentors
Ischemia Serum
Mentors Serum
Keywords:  itraconazole
Lymphocytosis Spondylitis
Instillation Sarcoidosis
Keywords:  sigmoid
Mononucleosis Testicular
Keywords:  symptomatic
Lipoprotein Thermoregulation
Keywords:  melanoma
Keywords:  leukotrienes, sneezing
Leukotrienes Sneezing
Levodopa Stomach
Membrane Stomach
Membrane Systolic
Keywords:  resection, ligament
Ligament Resection
Keywords:  microbiology, toxicity
Microbiology Toxicity
Keywords:  lethal, steroid
Lethal Steroid
Keywords:  ketoacidosis, species
Ketoacidosis Species
Keywords:  invasive
Keywords:  molecular, urinary, systemic
Molecular Systemic
Molecular Urinary
Keywords:  substrate
Keywords:  acute, duration, slow, progress, long
A condition that often is long in duration and slow in progress; not acute.