Definitions for "discord "
Want of concord or agreement; absence of unity or harmony in sentiment or action; variance leading to contention and strife; disagreement; -- applied to persons or to things, and to thoughts, feelings, or purposes.
Union of musical sounds which strikes the ear harshly or disagreeably, owing to the incommensurability of the vibrations which they produce; want of musical concord or harmony; a chord demanding resolution into a concord.
To disagree; to be discordant; to jar; to clash; not to suit.
A relationship between Faculties, see AV B 93-94. The two Oppositions are Discords to each other: Will and Mask, the two fundamentally antithetical Faculties are the Discords to Creative Mind and Body of Fate, the two fundamentally primary Faculties. One can go further and call Creative Mind the major Discord of Will, since both are active Faculties, while Body of Fate is the minor Discord, since it is a target- Faculty, so has even less in common. In incarnation, the major Discords fall in Phases where the admixture of the two Tinctures is the same, but where growth of one against the other is in the opposite direction. When shown on the double cone, the two major Discords Will: Creative Mind and Mask: Body of Fate therefore appear to move together along the cones and, when shown on the Wheel, they are reflected across the axis of the New Moon-Full Moon. On the Wheel, the minor Discords are reflected in the axis of Phases 8-22. Phases 1, 8, 15 and 22 represent special cases, where Opposition and Discord come together, the major Discords coincide at Phases 1 and 15, the minor Discords coincide at Phases 8 and 22.
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Not to be confused with Datcord.
discord is a very simple Python module that allows for conversion from normal dates to Discordian dates. The module can either be used as a standalone command line application or as an extension module.
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a harsh mixture of sounds
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be different from one another