Definitions for "absolute must"
Keywords:  visit, testa, afea, capo, lighthouse
a visit of the Gothic St
a visit to "Capo Testa" with its beautiful lighthouse and his granite reefs modelled by nature to incredible forms
a visit to Sting Ray City
Keywords:  veiws, emerson, harris, stay, leisure
a dinner at New Emerson's in Stone Town (book from your own accommodation if you're not staying there)
a drive around South Harris so my recommendation is to rent a car during your stay in order to explore at leisure
a ride on the cable car to the top off the rock the veiws are breath taking
Keywords:  cederberg, sniff, cellar, swirl, finest
a stop in at the Cederberg Private Cellar for a bit of a sniff, swirl and tasting of some of the finest wines in the country
a basic medical kit (bandage, band-aids, insect repellent and antiseptic powder) and a supply of strong cord
Keywords:  seatow, pocket, card, your
a SeaTow card in your pocket
an additional pair of tracks on the Harbour Line, but there seems to be no plan for this
Keywords:  umbrella, case, small, your
a small umbrella in your case
an informed sales force that is trained and capable of giving good advice to consumers about these essential products