Definitions for "accounts receivable"
An amount of money that a firm is owed by another party for goods sold or services...
Money which is owed to a company by a customer for products and services provided on credit. Treated as a current asset on a balance sheet.
An asset account that reflects amounts due from private persons or organizations for goods and services furnished. For corporations, accounts receivable excludes funds due from departments, but may include funds due from affiliates. For governments and nonprofit organizations using fund accounting, it does not include funds due from other funds owned by the same entity. A category of personal property defined by Article 9 of the UCC. Accounts receivable is the right to receive payment for goods sold or leased or for services rendered where those rights are not evidenced by an instrument or by chattel paper.
Office procedure to control collections on pledges, including file reflecting balances due on pledges, terms of payment, records of payments made, and dates made.
An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Sales Ledger.
Protects you if you are unable to collect outstanding balances as a result of loss or damage to your account records.
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A short-term asset, usually representing a credit for a completed sale.
Short-term liquid assets that arise from sales on credit at the wholesale or the retail level.
adjustable rate asset financing
monies due your enterprise as the result of day-to-day operations.
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Claims to cash on account that are expected to be paid within one year.