Definitions for "alternative to this"
a nasopharyngeal aspirate stool samples if diarrhoea is present serum for antibody titres and, where appropriate, convalescent serum for parallel testing
an affidavit (senseisho or kokyosho), made and sworn to by the person before a consul of the relevant country and signed by the consul
a media filtration system made by several major companies that will do a great job in terms of reducing the dust levels and helping to reduce any type of allergy and asthma problems
a spray made from Tansy that repel cabbage worms and reduces the number of eggs laid on the plants
a widely used technique called "Cranial Osteopathy"a very relaxing form of treatment which works through influencing the flow of "CSF" via gentle manipulation of the skull bones
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an inspirational verse that the kids or mom feel has special meaning or significance in his life, this is especially nice if accompanied by a home made frame (a few pieces of wood, some glue and paint should do the trick)
a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC), where the catheter is inserted into a large vein in the arm, and then advanced up to the subclavian vein
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a nipple extrator which you can pick up at an auto part store or large hardware store
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a fast Castle rush
Keywords:  hammock, wet, ground, host, keeping
a hammock which when it is not keeping you off the wet ground has a host of other useful applications as well
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a process called trap-based polling
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a true understanding of fashion
an interactive approach, where student reflection on prior knowledge is supplemented with interactive discussion
an indexing system that allows gains to be offset by inflation
a trust provision that permits either trustee (where there are co-trustees) to act alone