Definitions for "Ancho"
Keywords:  poblano, chile, dried, oscuro, hacer
A Poblano chile that has been dried and turned a black-red color; means wide. The most popular dried chile in Mexico and the US. It's dried poblamo chile and the smoky-sweet flavor accents numerous dishes. Approx. 3”-4” long, dark, reddish brown, sweetest of all the dried chiles and slightly fruity flavor.
El Chile ancho es rojo oscuro de 8 a 12 cm de largo por 4 a 8 de diámetro. Cuando el chile esta verde se le llama Chile Poblano Fresco y se usa para hacer Chiles Rellenos.
long, very dark brown, mildly hot but sweet dried chille. Fresh, it is dark green and known as poblano. Best toasted before use. Also called chille negro; mulato.
A deep-mahogany, heartshaped chili, about 3 inches long by 21/2 inches wide at its widest point. The ancho (meaning "broad" in Spanish) is a member of the Cayenne group. Fullflavored and mild.