Definitions for "Glycerol"
Same as Glycerin.
A sweet, colorless or yellowish liquid obtained from fats and oils and used as a solvent, antifreeze or sweetener; also produced naturally by some organisms.
(HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH) Glycerol is a small molecule with three alcohol groups. It is a basic building block of fats and oils.
Is a lubricant but has found little because of its tendency to rapidly absorb moisture.
"Humectant" - Locks in moisture to prevent dryness. A natural vegetable 'soap'.
May help enhance performance in endurance athletes by preventing dehydration.
a soluble carbohydrate which is coverted into glucose by the liver Humans as organisms
A clear viscous liquid which has many uses in the pharmaceutical industry.
Small organic molecule that is the parent compound of many small molecules in the cell, including phospholipids.
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