Definitions for "IBA"
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Iron Butt Association© -
( abbreviation) ron utt ssociation. See iron butt.
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mde infoHandler Infobase File
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Isobutyl alcohol = isobutanol
Israel Broadcasting Authority
Independent Broadcasting Association
Independent Broadcasting Authority. Statutory institution responsible for ensuring that television and radio content caters for all languages and cultural groups in South Africa and provides entertainment, education and information.For more information visit the IBA website.
Indian Banks Association
International Business Associates
International Boxing Association
Incident Business Advisor. Liaison and advisor to the Agency Administrator or Area Commander and works directly for the Agency Administrator or Area Commander. Serves as a bridge to the Agency Administrator, Incident Management Team, and other incident support functions.
Investment Business Act 1991 to 1993
The official organization that oversees all Tournament-level activity. The IBA sets the rules, hosts tournaments and regulates the sport.
Intermediate Bus Architecture
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Important Bird Area