Definitions for "Toga "
Keywords:  rome, tunic, garment, worn, woolen
The loose outer garment worn by the ancient Romans, consisting of a single broad piece of woolen cloth of a shape approaching a semicircle. It was of undyed wool, except the border of the toga prætexta.
A white woollen robe, worn by the upper class in ancient Rome.
A loose outer garment consisting of a single piece of material, without sleeves or armholes, which covered nearly the whole body, worn by the citizens of ancient Rome when appearing in public in times of peace.
Toga is a semi-condensed derivative of a very well known set of TrueType fonts recently contributed to the free software community. Toga Sans is meant to serve a similar role to MS Tahoma, i.e. an easy to read font that doesn't take up a lot of screen space. Toga Serif is more like Georgia or Bookman.
Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere
A term describing the relationship between the Pacific Ocean's interaction with (and forcing of) the whole atmosphere; also the name of a scientific research programme.
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take-off and go-around