Definitions for "OSC"
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OSC is a Content Management System written in PHP for the MySQL database. it is very flexible and extendable CMS with multi language support. it fully supports MVC with complete separation of logic/presentation.
Oxygen Storage Capacity. A capacity of the catalyst washcoat to store oxygen at lean and to release it at rich condition. Typically provided by cerium oxide (ceria), which oscillates between an oxidized and reduced state, depending on the exhaust gas chemistry. The OSC is an important component of three-way catalysts, used to extend the catalyst window.
Onscene Coordinator. In emergency response actions.
On-Scene Commander
On-Scene Coordinator
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Olympic Studies Centre
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Ohio Supercomputing Center Additional Information:
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Osteoporosis Society of Canada
Ontario Securities Commission
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Optical Supervisory Channel
Overlap Slotted Container. Made with all flaps having the same length with the outer flaps overlapping by one inch or more. This box style helps keep the outer flaps from pulling apart when the box's length is much greater that the width.
Online Service Controller
Online Song Contest
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Office of State Courts
Officers' Spouses' Club
Office of Special Counsel
Orbital Sciences Corporation
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Order to Show Cause
A court order directing a person to appear in court on a certain date and to explain why a certain order should not be entered.
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objective supply capability
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Abbreviation for One Solid Color.
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Operating system control.
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Operator Service Call