Definitions for "Panic Attack"
A sudden episode consisting of terrifying bodily symptoms such as labored breathing, choking, dizziness, tingling in the hands and feet, sweating, trembling, heart palpitations, and chest pain. Panic attacks occur in a number of mental disorders and are common in phobias, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Short, intense periods during which an individual experiences physiological and cognitive symptoms of anxiety, characterized by intense fear or discomfort.
A sudden feeling of intense fear that often comes out of the blue, as well as body changes including a rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, choking sensations, sweating, feelings of depersonalization (feeling detached from oneself) and other symptoms. Panic attacks usually last about 10 minutes.
The robot Panic Attack was a contestant on Robot Wars for six years from Series 2-7. It was best known for winning Series 2, and continuing to be a strong competitor in later competitions. It was a short, box-shaped robot painted yellow (or gold on some occasions) with a large black spider on the top of the machine.
The Panic Attack (EP) was originally released by itself, but now only available as a bonus disc with the Grinspoon album New Detention. The EP was released after Grinspoon recorded a cover of the INXS hit, Don't Change for the soundtrack for the Australian film Danny Deckchair. The recording and release was relatively rushed between the New Detention and Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills albums.
Panic Attack, released in the UK on April 4, 2005, is the first single to be taken from the debut album First Comes First by Kingston upon Hull band The Paddingtons. It is the band's second single, 21 being their debut which was later re-recorded for the album.
a frightening experience
an exteremely terrifying experience
an extremely physical experience
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a fight or flight reaction gone crazy
a fight or flight response in the absence of real danger, and as such is a false alarm
an instance in which the body's natural "fight or flight" reaction occurs at the wrong time
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a state of mind, an apprehension
a horrifying event
a strong, emotional event
a codable disorder
an example of a functional disorder
The actual event that commonly defines a person suffering from panic disorder. (See "panic disorder" for symptoms.)
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a feedback loop
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Edit Delete
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a normal physiological response to a life and death type situation
an example of one's body doing what it was designed to do, yet, at an inappropriate time