Definitions for "Access point"
Keywords:  transceiver, hub, wireless, wlan, lan
These are specific entry points in certain secures areas. A card reader and monitor switches allow authorized entry by individuals with access cards.
A radio device which wires into a Wired LAN and communicates between a RFLAN and the Wired LAN.
Hardware and software product (computer) that performs an Ethernet to Radio Frequency bridging function over radios in the 2.4GHz band.
A name, word, code, etc., under which a publication may be searched and identified in the catalog.
A name, term, code or other indexed characteristic of an authority or bibliographic record that helps make the record searchable and identifiable. For example, titles, names, and subjects are access points.
Any word or heading (subject, author, title, etc.) in a bibliographic record that can be used to locate the record.
Keywords:  turnstile, cabin, gate, reader, lift
A door, turnstile, barrier, motorized gate or lift cabin protected by an access reader.
Keywords:  lake, river, shore, take, spot
The spot on the banks of a river or lake where you put in or take out.
The place on the shore of a lake or river where you put in or take out.
Keywords:  netlet, node, local, service, providing
The netlet or node providing local access to a service.
Keywords:  portal, simplified, mass, version
a simplified version of the MASS Portal
an independent hardware component
Keywords:  antennas, box, small, two, one
a small box , usually with one or two antennas