Definitions for "ABOVE THE LINE"
Advertising using high profile media such as television and newspapers.
Refers to campaign expenditure on advertising in all media.
Traditional advertising formats such as press, radio and TV were commission is paid to the advertising agency. Today it is more common for all media including non-traditional "below the line" formats to be considered as part of an overall campaign, going "through the line".
The creative members of the production team, such as the producer, director, writer, and actors. The cost of their services appears on the top half of the budget summary, above a heavy line that divides the page.
A term used to describe the editors who are at the very top of the masthead often separated from the rest of the staff by a line. Executive Editors, Managing Editors, Art Directors, and Deputy Editors are usually "above the line."
Section of the scorecard reserved for penalties and bonuses.
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normal business expenses and revenues that come above the net income or net profit in a profit and loss account or income statement.
The "line" is in fact a figure showing net income or net profit in income statements or profit and loss accounts.
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points that do not count toward game; points other than those scored for tricks bid and made.