Definitions for "Access control"
Technique for limiting access to the resources of a system to authorised programs, processes, users or other systems. ACL
(real estate) an ability to permit or deny the possibility or means of entering or approaching, as in the case of a gated area for entering or leaving a development or facility; (Internet) a password, code, key or other identifier that restricts access to a file The Network is free-access; i.e., its websites have no access controls. definition of access defined access control defined gated defined definition of gated development defined gated community defined
The service, which protects information through the control of authorisations of individuals for knowledge or rights of manipulation. Restrictions placed on user's access rights to systems, applications, and directories are examples of Access Control.
n. any barrier or device, either natural or man made, that limits or prohibits, free or unlimited access
A technology that selectively permits or prohibits certain types of data access.
(voir Contrôle d'accès) A security technology allowing or prohibiting by selective means certain types of access to data based on the identity of the entity and the data objects being accessed.
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n. a locking system employing electronics which may have audit trail, time and date discrimination, or lock mode indication capabilities
Enabling the optimum management of personnel movement within a building or locations.
(AC) Contains a token indicator & frame priority on token ring networks.
A network function that determines whether a particular mobile device is permitted to access the network.
The means of influencing and regulating the flow of persons through a door (entry and/or exit).
a valuable asset to any commercial business
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