Definitions for "SSR"
sustained silent reading. Structured activity in which children are given fixed time periods for reading self-selected materials silently.
Sustained Silent Reading. A time of the day when every adult and child in the classroom, and sometimes the entire school, reads silently for a specified period of time.
Sustained silent reading. This reading activity takes place with books or other reading material of the learners' choosing. It is based upon the idea that children learn to read by reading. Good readers read a lot, and poor readers don't. It is imperative to provide daily periods of uninterrupted quiet time for pleasure reading and for reading in students are of interest.
Secundary surveillance radar
secondary surveillance radar.
Solid-state relay. High current capacity relays used in modulating electric current to the heater elements.
Solid State Recorder, used for storing data before it is transmitted back to Earth. NEAR has 2 SSRs.
Solid State Recorder - Hubble's original data recorders were mechanical, reel-to-reel tape recorders with many moving parts that wear out over time. The digital SSR has no moving parts or tape to break, so it is much more robust. This next-generation recorder is faster and more reliable, and it can store 10 times as much data as a mechanical recorder
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Soviet Socialist Republic
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Super Sport Roadster
See Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR)
Simple Sequence Repeat. See microsatellite.
South Staffordshire Railway. Incorporated 1846. Merged with LNWR in 1867.
School Science Review
software specification review. In the waterfall life-cycle, the major review held when the software requirements specification is complete (see Guidelines: Project Plan).
Software Specification Review. Same as Software Requirements Review.
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Student/Staff Ratio
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Standard Speed Rail
Supply Support Request
System Service Request (1)
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Standard Statistical Region
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State Service Regulations 2001